Sponsors needed!

With your help and support, we did it!!
I won Miss Pennsylvania USA!

And now I will be competing to become Miss USA


Those of you that know me, know, I hate asking for sponsors / donations!
I would much rather be donating my time and energy to helping others.
If you’re hosting and event or fundraiser that you I can help with as Miss Pennsylvania USA, please click here to contact me or click here to contact the pageant directly.

As you know, I now move on to the Miss USA pageant.
Because of all the help and support, I received last year, and a lot of hard work,  I was able to win Miss Pennsylvania USA!

If plan to focus my time and efforts on breast cancer awareness, veterans, and eating disorders. Even though all three causes are near and dear to my heart, eating disorders will be my primary focus. Body shaming is my social cause because I used to struggle with an eating disorder, being a model, I was always told to lose 5 lbs so that I could land a modeling job. I ate too little and over exercised which caused me to become very ill. I was in and out of the hospital and doctors offices for months.  After some time, I was diagnosed with Superior mesenteric artery syndrome. SMA syndrome which is a rare, potentially life-threatening gastro-vascular disorder characterized by a compression of the third part of the small intestine by the abdominal aorta. The compression caused me not to be able to keep food down forcing me to throw up after almost every meal. This lasted for 3 months and I went from 125 lbs to 100 lbs. I was blessed to have amazing doctors that diagnosed the cause and helped get me back on my feet. Women don’t need to be a size 0 to be beautiful! We don’t just simply decide to hate our bodies, media, and society teaches us to. Even tho nowhere where near a size 0, I still go out on that stage and walk down the runway confidently! Not only for me but to show other women, it is okay to be curvy and to pursue their dreams even if some in society tries to bring you down. Ladies, being skinny is not worth your health nor your life! Love your bodies ladies, it’s the only one you’ll ever have! Let’s stop body shaming for good!

Sponsorship / Advertising / Event Opportunities

  • All Sponsorship / Advertising Opportunities are handled by the pageant directly and the Titleholder Manager, click here for more information and to contact them.
  • Would you like Miss Pennsylvania USA at your event? Please contact the Titleholder Manager, click here for more information and to contact them or click here to contact me and the pageant.

The Miss Pennsylvania USA Pageant includes among its goals:

  • To promote the involvement of contestants and titleholders in community service programs and charities.
  • To promote Literacy throughout the state as the special program of the Miss Pennsylvania USA Pageant.
  • To promote our sponsors throughout the state.
  • In conjunction with Miss USA, to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer and Breast Cancer.
  • In conjunction with Miss Teen USA, to promote the Youth Anti-Drug Campaign.
  • To offer a venue where young women from 18 to 26 years old can grow personally in poise, confidence, goal-setting, public speaking and communication skills, physical fitness, and self-discipline.
  • To open doors and provide career and educational opportunities, not only to the winner but to all the young women who participate.
  • To provide a positive alternative to the many destructive activities that lure our young people today.
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